Is sucralose, the sweetener in SPLENDA® Sweeteners, safe for everyone, including children?

“Yes, sucralose is perfectly safe for the whole family. Sucralose is also approved for use in special medical foods intended for children. Infants and toddlers, however, are in particular need of calories for growth, and, for this reason, we advise speaking with your pediatrician about using foods made with low calorie sweeteners in foods in planning meals for very young children.

In older children, SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are a great way to reduce the amount of added sugars your child eats daily, and may even help get your child to eat healthier food. Try using SPLENDA® Sweeteners, Granulated on fruit for a sweetness to match your child’s tastes. It can be a great way to replace higher-calorie treats that might also be lower in important vitamins and minerals. SPLENDA® Sweetener Products can also be used in beverages, on hot and cold cereals, and with whole grains. You can even bake some of your child’s favourite special-occasion treats like cookies and cake, but with less added sugar. IF you have questions about your child’s diet/nutritional needs or weight, please check with your child’s doctor and/or a registered dietitian.”

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